The Gemological Institute of America, is the leading gemological laboratory in the world.  It is the industry’s most trusted and most widely used service.  Besides gem grading and certification, GIA also provides educational services and carries out intensive research work to keep up with fast changing technologies in the gemological field.


The European Gemological Laboratory of the United States of America is located in the heart of New York’s diamond district. For over three decades, EGL USA has provided cutting-edge gemological research, testing, and laboratory analysis. This ongoing scientific work reflects the lab’s core commitment to protecting both the industry and its consumers. To that end, EGL USA delivers exemplary evaluations with clear disclosure of diamond, gemstone, and jewelry features, including known treatments. 


The International Gemological Institute is very stringent with their diamond and colored stone grading.  They stand behind every stone grade and boast the largest organization among certifiers of its kind all around the world.


Stands for American Gemological Society and it is also a US based laboratory. The AGS laboratory is renowned for their scientific approach and research into diamond cut grading.  Instead of using an alphabetical rating system, AGS uses a scale of 0-10 for rating a diamond’s characteristics, with 0 as the best and 10 as the worst.